CapCut App: Is It Safe?

CapCut was developed by the makers of controversial TikTok. Can you trust CapCut then? Is it safe and privacy-friendly?

You might have come across CapCut recently, which is a popular app in both the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can easily be influenced by the popularity and buzz of an app. But should you just download it because it’s popular?

Before installing any app, even one that is trending, you need to be more aware of privacy and security. CapCut is safe to download? Is it safe to trust your personal data? Is that where it is actually stored?

What is CapCut?

CapCut is an iOS and Android free video editor.

You can edit your videos to be shared on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

There are many other mobile video editing apps. So why is this app so popular?

CapCut is not a unique video editor, but it’s easy to use. It also includes a large music library with copyrighted songs you can use in your videos.

It doesn’t display advertisements which many users will find a positive thing.

CapCut: Who created it?

CapCut is a product by ByteDance, which is TikTok’s parent company.

It is a Chinese-language app. Therefore, it was initially only available for Chinese audiences back in 2019, under the name Jianying.

ByteDance made it accessible to the rest as CapCut in 2020. It reached the top of the App Store and Google Play Store charts in 2021.

It is likely that privacy concerns will arise because it was developed by the same company as TikTok. Many consider TikTok to be a threat to your security.

What data does CapCut collect about you?

It might surprise you to learn what data apps collect about your activities. TikTok’s Privacy Policy permits it to collect biometrics information about its users. Many will simply have ignored this section, a few people really pay attention to the terms and conditions.

CapCut will collect data about you when you install it and use it on your device.

According to Apple’s App Store Page, the app collects these data:

CapCut stores identifiers such as how you use your device and IP address. It also records information about the connection, manufacturer information, and other details. CapCut can also store user content, diagnostic information, contact information, and other information. All of these can be download capcut on pc directly to your computer.

A video editor app should not require personal information in order to work. CapCut’s video editor collects a lot of information about you.

You can continue using the data if you feel comfortable sharing it. Otherwise, this should raise eyebrows.

You can also check out the InShot video editing app, which is another popular iPhone video editor that uses very little data.

Although identifiers may be collected, they are not directly linked to you via diagnostics or usage data.

CapCut: Things to Remember

CapCut isn’t a malicious app, but it does collect your personal information.

There are however a few privacy tips that you should know.

  • Your data could be stored in or outside of your country.
  • CapCut data can be shared with all ByteDance services, including TikTok.
  • Different third-party services can share personal data.
  • CapCut maintains the information collected is “to improve, create and administer [services]”. Your safety is our priority.

You can also view CapCut’s privacy policy if you’re interested in more information.

CapCut: Should You?

CapCut is not considered a dangerous app right now, as there have been no security alerts.

CapCut is safe enough for now if ByteDance doesn’t bother your data. If you don’t want ByteDance to have your data, it is best not to install it. Instead, look for other options.