Cocktail Picks: Full Guide For The Best One’s

Cocktail picks can make your cocktails more enjoyable at home and add a little flair to your drinks. It’s easy to make an orange twist or lime wheel, but it is not necessary to take a cherry from your Manhattan. Your home mixology creations will look like a high-end bar or restaurant with cocktail picks. These picks can be used to garnish drinks and add a festive touch to your home bar.

Swizzle sticks do more than just help you stir up a cocktail–well-designed cocktail stirrers can add a little character to your drink, too. To add a subtle sweetness to your tiki drink, you can garnish it with a pineapple or a sugarcane stick. Swizzle sticks are another option that can be used to identify your drink among your friends while entertaining.

Why stir a cocktail with a stick of ice? Stirring a cocktail helps blend ingredients, and builds texture, and retains the correct taste of a cocktail. Simply place your thumb on the top of the glass and gently stir it around. These swizzle stick options range from nostalgic-inspired glass stir sticks to fun ones for party settings.

Best Party Set

Prodyne MP-9 Stainless Steel & Pewter Martini Picks

Whimsical, Decorative

Six stainless steel cocktail picks measuring 3.75 inches with pewter tokens at one end.

What we liked

These tokens are perfect for small parties or cocktail parties because guests can easily distinguish their drinks from the tokens. Each cocktail pick represents a different aspect of bar culture. It includes martini glasses, a cocktail shaker, and a citrus wedge. This cocktail pick set will make entertaining easy. These are available here.

Most Versatile

Kitch N Gadgetz Bamboo Cocktail Picks 300 Pack

They can be used everywhere

Package of 300 bamboo cocktail picks, each with a knot at one end.

What we liked

These cocktail picks are eco-friendly and have a beautiful design. You can use them to garnish drinks, cook, or even for cooking. You can keep them in a drawer in case you need small skewers, or to add some flair to your home cocktails and mocktails. Get them now.

Best for Amateur Mixologists

Top Shelf Bar Supply Stainless Steel Cocktail Tips Combo Pack

It’s just like a cocktail bar

Double sets of cocktail pick, in 8-inch and 4-inch lengths. One end has a classic mirror finish ball.

What we liked

Six picks are included in each length. They can be used for anything from Collins glasses to martinis. These stylish picks will make you an Instagram influencer by allowing you to garnish even your twists or wedges with these chic picks. Get them here.

Best Essential Set

I-Mart Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks Martini Picks set

Sturdy and stylish

This 15-pack of stainless-steel cocktail picks measures 4.25 inches in diameter and features three different designs.

What we liked

This set of cocktails is perfect for home bars that already have a selection of top-quality and signature cocktails. The collection is large enough that you won’t run out at a party. They’re subtle enough to not make you feel pretentious when used in your everyday old fashion. Grab them today.

These swizzle sticks have one thing in common: they are larger than the stirrers bartenders use to make the best cocktails. These swizzle sticks measure 7.8 inches in length and are perfect for making cocktails. They can also be used to stir coffees or as meat sticks for charcuterie boards.

The paddled end was designed to quickly stir cocktails with cocktail sticks, while the sphere at its top is perfectly sized to fit in your hand for stirring. Expert bartenders will tell you that the paddled end can be used to break down ice chunks in cocktails. This set includes six stainless steel stirrers in three different colors: silver, gold, or copper. They are all designed to match your decor and leave no metallic aftertaste.

While this list is full of many excellent options for beautifully designed cocktail picks, in a party setting, you might not want as precious an option. This set of 120 wooden cocktail picks is ideal for large gatherings. It includes 120 sturdy wooden sticks with a unique pineapple topping. The lightweight swizzle sticks are easy to grip and the small pineapple makes it easier to stir.

These are great for tropical parties and happy hours. These swizzle sticks are also made from environmentally-friendly materials, so they can be recycled and biodegradable.

This set is a mix of swizzle sticks and cocktail picks. It’s perfect for martini fans. The stainless steel picks are great for stirring, yes, but also for garnishing drinks: simply slide the stick through an onion or olive and perch it on your martini glass (or perhaps, add fruit to the stick and drop it in sangria).

These picks are particularly attractive because they come in two sizes. A shorter size is for lowball glasses and martini glasses and coupes. The longer size is for highballs or pint glasses. It is designed to fit perfectly into an angled glass and the smaller size has a clever bend.

Each of these adorable swizzle sticks has a small colorful fruit on top. There are oranges, limes, pineapples, and even oranges. These cheeky illustrations give off a coastal vibe, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a place to call home or someone who just needs more sunshine.

The delicate glass construction elevates these cocktail sticks and they’ll look great with your best glassware. They can also snap and break faster than other options.

Raw sugar sticks can be used to add sweetness to cocktails. Swizzle sticks are useful for stirring up cocktails in a glass. Stirring cocktails with sugar cane is a trend that started in Hawaii (thanks to the Tiki movement) — bartenders will add a stick to a strong cocktail to sweeten and enhance the overall flavor. These swizzle sticks are great for meat skewers. You can even barbecue chicken or shrimp using them. These sticks are made from pure sugarcane, which is grown in Hawaii. Each stick measures 7 inches in height and comes in 20 packs.

These swizzle sticks, hand-carved by artisans, are among the most distinctive on the market. Each stick is hand-crafted in Vietnam using ethically-sourced water buffalo Horn. Every stick comes with a unique color pattern that makes it a truly unique addition to your home bar. Two sets are available: one with a sea creature set that includes a lobster, swordfish and seahorse and the other with a nautical set featuring swizzle stick shapes like a wheel and a sea siren. Each swizzlestick is approximately 6 inches tall.

These sticks are very delicate to clean, even though they have lots of personalities. These sticks cannot be washed in the dishwasher and should only be used with cold beverages.

These spirited stir sticks can be used to identify the drinks of your guests when you host a party at home. This wallet-friendly set is made of durable acrylic and features miniature cocktail sculptures at the top, including mini shakers, Blue Lagoon cocktails, and bottles of whiskey. Each swizzlestick measures 8 inches long, making it ideal for larger drinks. However, the swizzle sticks would not look right in a rocks glass. After the event, wash them and place them in a dishwasher’s silverware section.