How To Get Started On CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is more difficult than other FPS games. It can be rewarding once players master the basics and begin to improve. This guide will give players all the information they need before they start, and offer tips and tricks that will help them improve their game.

Every weapon has its own unique recoil pattern – learn more

A common mistake made by new players is to jump into the game without learning the recoil patterns of weapons. Many players find themselves spraying at their opponents expecting their bullets will hit the target. Because each weapon has its own recoil pattern, players often find that their bullets do not land where they want.

This frustrates players and eventually leads to bad habits. Once they are familiar with the weapon’s functions, these habits can be difficult to break. You can find multiple practice maps on Steam Workshop that will teach spray control and give feedback to help you improve.

Through practice, gamers will eventually develop muscle memory for each weapon. Muscle memory has a lot of to do with reaction time. Muscle memory is a key factor in players hitting targets faster than reacting tests. CS:GO players will react to the target instead of thinking about how it appears on their screen. This is the opposite of what happens in most reaction tests.

It’s all in the numbers – The CS:GO Economy

CS:GO’s money system is another challenge. CS:GO is different from other FPS games that allow players to choose any weapon regardless of how many times they have been defeated. Every weapon and every item in the game comes with a price. Players are awarded a set amount of money at the beginning of each round based on their previous round’s results.

Each player receives additional cash based on how many enemies they eliminate during the previous round. You can earn more income by defeating your opponent with SMGs or shotguns, but the reward will vary depending on which weapon you use.

It is important for players to monitor their income and that of their teammates. This will help them decide how much they should save in any round. Players should also monitor their opponents’ economies as it helps them determine the type of purchase they might make in any given round.

This can be used to help players plan for the next game. A player who knows that their opponent doesn’t have enough money to buy rifles or AWPs may force them into taking fights from afar. This gives you an advantage in 1v1 matches.

Find the Right Solution

Although it may seem trivial, players who begin playing at a wrong resolution can face challenges later that will make them struggle to improve. __S.32__ A higher resolution may make the game appear better, but it’s not ideal for those with poor eyesight.

The perceived size of the player models within the game decreases as resolution increases. This makes it harder for people with poor vision to see their targets or hit them from afar. This not only causes eye strain but also reduces reaction time. It takes players longer to locate enemy locations on a map.

Although everyone has a different ideal resolution, people with poor eyesight will do well to choose a resolution that is adjustable. The size of the player models will increase when these resolutions are stretched. While the player model’s perceived size increases, their actual hitbox does not. As lateral movement speed increases, playing in stretched mode will feel strange at first. Before you attempt to play competitively, practice each suggestion within the deathmatch servers.

Suggestions for Resolutions

  • 1280 x 1024 4:3 Stretched
  • 1280 X 768 4 to3 Stretched
  • 1024 x 768 4 to3 Stretched
  • 800 x 600 4 to3 Stretched

Communication is key

Players should have microphones before they can join competitive games. It is only a matter of seconds that can make the difference between winning and losing. It takes longer to type out enemy locations than it does to call them out on the microphone. Typing could cost the team the round. The quicker a player can communicate information, the easier it is for the team to react to a situation and prepare.

Players must be able to relay information and also know how to locate enemies on a map. It doesn’t help teammates to narrow down the locations they need to be watching when attacking or retaking sites. Knowing the callouts for maps can help gamers quickly relay enemy positions to their teammates and increase their chances of winning. __S.72__

Additional Tips/Tricks

  • Callouts for elimination
  • Don’t complain. It does not help the team, and it is a waste of valuable time.
  • Actively observe. Alert your colleagues to enemy positions.
  • Save and buy with the team to balance the economy.

Let your teammates know the location of the counter-terrorist team so they can help you in case of elimination.

For all maps, learn the correct grenade strategies. Grenades are an essential part of Best cs go aimbot. Players can win rounds without losing them if they are used correctly.

Sound cues can be used to disorient enemies. Sound cues can be relayed by throwing grenades or pulling their pins. These actions should be performed away from the area where the player intends to throw the grenade. This will still relay the sound cue the enemy hears. In the case of flashbang grenades, this can cause the enemy’s head to spin.