Is Raid: Shadow Legends Game Good?

In the past few months, I have come across many mobile game ads. One of these ads was shown to me repeatedly, and YouTubers who watched it also made a sponsored video. It’s called Raid Shadow Legends and is available for both Android and iOS.

We were shown ads for a turn-based game of gatcha. In it, we can recruit powerful champions to explore and fight bosses, win PvP matches, and much more. There are many other excellent gatcha games that share many similarities with this one, such as Summoners War and One Piece Treasure Cruise. Let’s take a closer look at game to see if it can match these other great games.

What is the gameplay like in Raid Shadow Legends’?

I wasn’t expecting much when I first started the game. It follows the same turn-based RPG rules as other games I have mentioned. Each champion has its own skills, which you can select from when fighting. Champions can also be different in terms of their affinity or their specialized types, such as HP, Defense and Attack, Support, or Support.

You will start by playing a basic tutorial sequence. This will introduce you all the important game mechanics. However, as you unlock new features such as PvP, the game will also explain the main mechanics.

Once you’ve completed the tutorial, it’s time to start the campaign. This will allow you to unlock new game modes such as PvP and the training pit. You must reach level 15 to unlock the market. This is easy and takes only about an hour.

As I said, the game is turn-based. Depending on how fast your units move, you may get the first turn. You must choose a skill to attack your opponent. Tap on the enemy you wish to attack. Your champion will attack automatically with his standard skill if you don’t choose a skill.

Auto mode will automatically use your units’ skills to attack different enemies. However, you can focus your units’ attacks by tapping on an enemy. You can’t adjust the settings to choose which enemy you want, unlike Summoners War.

Clearing a stage in the campaign, or in dungeons will unlock the next stage. This stage is usually a bit harder to clear. Raid Shadow Legends offers four difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Brutal. If you clear more stages successfully, your champions will get more exp. Item drops are also possible.

You must clear the campaign on the normal difficulty to unlock the hard difficulty. You can unlock all other difficulties by doing the same.

Once you have completed a campaign region, you can move on to the next one. If you complete a certain number of stages in a given region, you will earn more stars. You could receive Silver, Gems or Ancient Shards as well as Void Shards. These shards are used to summon new champions through the portal.

The campaign is over. This mode is purely for equipment and exp farming champions. I didn’t find the “awesome” story interesting.

After a while, however, the dungeons are unlocked. This allows you to farm evolving material, equipment and artifacts that can be used to power up your champions. This is necessary as your opponent’s level increases over the course of the campaign. To be able to compete in the arena, you will need stronger champions.

Notable: You can make your champions more powerful by raising their stars or leveling up their skills. Or, you can equip them with decent gear that can be cultivated in dungeons.

Summoners War has a clear ranking system that allows new players to face other players with similar strengths. Although I was hopeful of learning new mechanics, I was disappointed to see the opponents I could face when I entered the arena. 8/10 people were too strong (maxed champions!) I needed to update my list in order to have some luck.

I found a suitable opponent, joined the battle and realized that I was playing against an (not so smart) A.I. from the game. This system is also available in Summoners War. However, they have the Live Arena which allows for live arena battles. Raid does not have this option.


Raid Shadow Legends does not feel like a complete game. Although it doesn’t have a unique gameplay mechanic, there are many similarities between Raid Shadow Legends and Summoners War.

Because you have to defeat your enemies, battles are not exciting or difficult. If your champions have enough strength, you can complete the entire campaign in auto mode. It’s simply about increasing your numbers.

If you are not strong enough to play on difficult difficulty, obtaining Exp for champions can take a while. There is a training pit that can give you some Exp. However, we only have one of the five slots at the beginning. To unlock the second slot, we must pay a lot of gems.

There’s not much to do. I played the campaign, a few dungeons and a few arenas matches in the initial hours. That’s all.

What does the game look like?

Raid Shadow Legends must look good to ensure people don’t abandon the game after only a few days. It looks great in terms of character designs and menus. It can’t match the stunning graphics of Grand Cross.

The background is also very attractive and colorful during a fight in the campaign, or dungeon. Each character’s animations are well done so that we have something to see. The voice-acted story scenes are what I love the most, but they aren’t very often in the campaign.

You can adjust the FPS rate and overall graphics quality in the settings. This will affect how the game runs on your phone. The game may drain your battery quicker depending on the visual quality you use.

Raid Shadow Legends are heavily monetized

Plarium’s “free” mobile app has one major flaw. The game pops up about once a day when I start the game. These pop-ups offer me packages to purchase.

This is a big no-go. It’s fine if it’s one. But, five or more is unacceptable.

These pop-ups can be found after you start the game, or after you have cleared a dungeon. Prices vary between packages. While some packages are relatively inexpensive (a few dollars), others can run up to 50 EUR or more.

You don’t have to buy packages to spend money in the game. We can also purchase gems, silver equipment and artifacts. You can collect gems by completing missions or the battle pass. However, it can take a while before you reach a decent amount.

The cost to unlock the Mine is 500 gems. However, it only generates one gem every 48 hours one level one. It reaches its maximum capacity after one day and two minutes. The mine pays off in about 100 days. You could also buy gem packages to unlock the power faster.

The shop also offers additional packages that include energy, silver and equipment. There are also daily packages, limited-time special offers, raid cards and regular packages.

I believe this job is the best because there are so many ways to make your money.

Are Raid Shadow Legends really worth the money?

Raid allows you to acquire better champions and equipment, which will allow you to clear dungeons quicker and achieve higher ranks in PvP. But, I don’t think there is much long-term potential for the game (at least not for me), so I wouldn’t recommend spending any money on it.

Plarium spends huge amounts of money marketing this game through ads and Youtubers (they were paid well), in order to reach as many people possible. However, just because you reach many people does not mean the game is worth your time.


Raid is a game you must play. It is not. The game doesn’t have any unique mechanics, has no long-term potential and is too expensive. You can find great games that you can enjoy for a long time at Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross and One Piece Treasure Cruise.

These games do a better job of combat, graphics and animations than any other. These games were all fun to play, and I can recommend them as great options.