New Android Education Apps 2021

These are the best Android education apps

These are our top Android apps to learn new things.


Free and various IAPs

Learning a new skill can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Udemy is a great way to do this. There are over 130,000 videos to choose from.

These courses are taught in more than 65 languages by experts and include everything from drawing and photography to game development and yoga.

Although the courses are varied in length and depth they are competitively priced. You only need to pay once to gain lifetime access. There is no subscription. Udemy offers free courses so it’s worth checking out even if you don’t have the budget.

Many courses include assignments, articles, and other supplementary material. It can also be useful as a learning tool because you have the opportunity to communicate with instructors and other participants.

The Universe in a Nutshell


The Universe in a Nutshell a fascinating educational app that displays the relative sizes of many things in the universe.

The app will display animated images of giraffes, elephants, humans, and other animals, as well as a list of their sizes. To see more information on any of the images, tap on them. You can pinch to zoom in and out to see larger or smaller objects.

Zoom out, and you’ll see creatures, man-made objects and countries. You will also see moons, planets and stars. Eventually, you will reach the entirety of the observable universe, which is the largest. Zoom in to see the smallest particles. Each one can be tapped for more information.

Universe in a Nutshell looks like it was made for children. They will enjoy exploring it and it is just as interesting for adults.

Women who have changed the world:


Women who Changed the World is a website that celebrates and educates users about the most important women in history.

These include Rosa Parks and Amelia Earheart and Frida Kahlo. Interactive stories with narration and illustrations provide details about their lives and accomplishments.

With its adorable art and simple interactions, Women Who Changed The World is clearly targeted at children. However, the history it teaches could be of interest to everyone.

Time Immersive

Smartphones offer new ways to engage with journalism. Time Immersive is Time’s first attempt at this.

Time stories are compellingly narrated in the Android app. Instead of viewing flat photos and videos, the subject of the story can be viewed in full augmented reality or virtual reality (VR). The first requires a compatible smartphone (many are), and a flat surface that you can project onto.

You can view it from the top and rotate it to see a different perspective. Tap on the points of interest to access additional content and a related photo or video.

Cardboard VR viewers allow you to immerse yourself in the scene, almost as if it were your own.

The only content available at the time of writing is about the Amazon rainforest and the Moon landing. However, it’s well done and more will be promised.

Elements of Photography

Free and various IAP

Smartphones have made it possible to carry a very capable, versatile digital camera with us at all times. However, many people won’t know how best to use it.

This is not a problem. Phone cameras are designed to be used for point-and-shoot photography. However, Elements of Photography can be helpful if you want to improve your photography.

This Android app has a variety of tutorials that will guide you through photography’s fundamentals, such as composition and shutter speed.

Elements of Photography keeps it simple and easy to read by using lots of images and small bits of text, rather than lengthy explanations or long videos.

Tips, tools, such as a depth-of-field calculator, and a quiz are also included. However, IAP is required to access many of these tutorials. You can still unlock everything for $7.99/PS5.49 and you’ll be able decide if the rest are worth it.

Fluent forever

PS8.99/$9.99 per month

Fluent Forever, one of many language apps on the market, is more serious than others.

It might feel less accessible but it can still be useful if you are serious about learning a language, especially if Duolingo isn’t helping you.

The app offers many different exercises, as well as explainer videos. However, one of its most important features is personalized flashcards. This allows you to select a card with an image that you choose for each word you are trying to learn.

This, along with pronunciation lessons and a focus only on the grammar and words that matter to you, could help you become fluent forever.

The Android app currently supports French, German and Italian as well as Russian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Spanish at the time of writing. The monthly cost is PS8.99/$9.99, with a 2-week free trial.


No Charge + $3.99/PS3.99 Per Month

You don’t just need to water your plants. Some plants need to be watered more frequently than others, others require different lighting or temperatures, and some may even need pruning or other attention.

It can be difficult to know exactly what a plant needs. We are not the only ones who have wondered why plants we thought were well cared for died. With SmartPlant, you won’t have to wonder anymore and your plants will be more likely to live.

You can create a list of all your plants and the Android app will automatically create a calendar. This will give you advice on what you should do for each plant at certain times of the year, such as where you place it, when it should be re-potted, and how much water to give it. SmartPlant can even identify a plant if you don’t know its name.

You can also find general information about a variety of plants such as their favorite soil type and bloom times.

An optional subscription allows you to talk to experts in-app if you have more questions. You can get advice on general plant care and problems, as well as any other plant-related question.

Check out Venostech for more.


No Cost + $19.99/PS17.99 Monthly Subscription

The Android app Flowkey aims to teach you the piano and provide feedback through your phone’s microphone. No cables are needed.

Flowkey offers real feedback as well as a variety of video tutorials that cover topics like ‘Note Value & Rhythm’ and ’Mastering Key Jumps’. There are also over 1,000 songs you can learn.

These songs include classics, pop, jazz, and many other genres. They also include some of the most well-known pieces like Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen. There are songs that can be used by people of different skill levels.

Although there is a lot to be found here, most of it isn’t free. There are a few tutorials and songs that you can download for free, but you will need to subscribe to Flowkey to really get the most out of it. It’s expensive at $19.99/PS17.99.99 per month, with huge discounts for those who commit for 6 months or more.

This could be difficult to sell, as you will likely still need lessons. However, you get a lot for your money.

Learn Java Pro


Learn Java Pro is one app that teaches you how to code. In this case, it’s Java. However, unlike other apps which focus on small-sized exercises and a limited number of lessons, this app has both a coding section (where you can test your Java skills) as well as countless tutorials that will guide you through the basics and more advanced aspects of Java.

These tutorials don’t offer interactive learning; they are more like a book. This is the part that is missing from many other coding apps. You can tap the top right corner to access the code area of each tutorial and you’ll be able to practice what you’ve learned.

You can also access a collection of practice programs and many questions and answers about Java. The offline version of Learn Java Pro allows you to read and practice from anywhere. All content can be downloaded for the low price above.

Shepard Fairey AR – DAMAGED


Although digital representations of real-world exhibits have not always convinced us, Shepard Fairey AR- DAMAGED an Android app does it right.

This app is a digital version Shepard Fairey’s DAMAGED exhibit. It’s an excellent alternative for those who can’t travel to Los Angeles.

You can use the app to walk around the exhibit by tapping and swiping, or set it up so that your phone rotates in order to change the view of the exhibit. You can also use an augmented reality mode to walk around the exhibit using your phone’s window.

Fairey also provides narration for over 100 minutes about the artworks. This helps you to understand why the world, and particularly the US, is in crisis. However, there are ways to repair much of the damage.


Starting at $89.99/PS84.99

MasterClass offers lessons in many skills, including acting, cooking, and creative writing. But what really makes it stand out is the fact that the lessons are taught by the best in the industry.

For example, you can learn how to cook from Gordon Ramsay, Martin Scorsese films, Serena Williams tennis, or Annie Leibovitz photography.

This app is not a face-to-face lesson. You won’t interact with them, but they have created videos and other materials for MasterClass.

The content on this Android app is not free. In fact, it costs $89.99/PS84.99 per course and $179.99/PS169.99 per year for an ‘all-access pass’ that allows you to access all courses for one year. It’s a steep price, but it’s worth it if your goal is to learn and receive top-quality tuition. Before you pay, you can explore the app to see previews of each course.


Monthly Subscription : $10/PS8.99 –

Apps have revolutionized language education. However, there are many ways to learn from apps. While some apps focus on speaking and typing, Drops leverages the strengths of a smartphone, making all interactions swipe-and-tap-based.

Drops offers a variety of exercises that you can do each time you use it. They come in many forms. One asks for you to swipe the word to its picture; another asks that you tap pairs of words or pictures. Another asks that you break up a phrase into multiple parts and asks that you tap them in the correct order.

Drops also has many other content. Drops covers a wide range of topics, including politics and plants. The Android app feels just as polished and elegant as Duolingo without trying to imitate it.

Drops offers five minutes of language learning per day for free. However, the app is bite-sized so that you can make progress.

You can purchase unlimited access for $10/PS8.99 if you want more. Discounts are available if paid for a year in advance.