Roblox Download For Chromebook

Millions of students are currently in school, and I’m certain that many parents and teachers have received eager questions about Roblox. Roblox, like Minecraft, is a hugely popular game that lets users create and share their worlds and games.

Roblox has also found its way into the education sector, in a similar fashion to Minecraft’s Minecraft. Roblox is able to leverage endless customizations. Roblox, unlike Minecraft, allows you to create new worlds within the game. Roblox however has a dedicated program that allows you to design new games.

The Google Play Store allows millions of Chromebook users to play Roblox anywhere, anytime. Roblox Studio is required to build new games for the platform. This program is only available for Windows or macOS. There are people who enjoy hacking and one of these people has created a way to run Roblox Studio under Linux with the Wine compatibility layer. Grapejuice is your friend.

Wine can be used to run Windows applications on Linux. Grape juice makes it easy to install all necessary libraries and dependencies. You don’t have to worry about Wine installation from the command line or missing dependencies. @BrinkerVII created a complete repository for his Grapejuice Project that contains everything a budding developer will need to create Roblox games using Chrome OS. This requires a Chromebook that supports official Linux. Here’s a quick guide to installing and running Roblox Studio with Linux and Wine.


You will first need to ensure that your Chromebook is ready to run Linux apps and is fully up-to-date. This Command Line article will explain how to do that. It takes only a few minutes for the container to be installed and all the Linux packages to be updated. Once you are done, we will open the Linux terminal to begin the installation process.

Roblox Studio needs 32-bit libraries in order to work properly. If you have an Intel or AMD Chromebook you will need the i386 architecture to allow these libraries to function. The following terminal command will do this. (You will not see any output. It will return to the command prompt.

Next, you will need to install Wine as well as all necessary libraries and utilities to run Roblox Studio synapse x. You can do this step with the following commands, but it may take some time. After you have completed installing the packages, grab a cup or some taquitos and go for a coffee. Copy the following command to the terminal by right-clicking on your mouse or touchpad and hitting enter.

We will now “clone” the Grapejuice repository. This basically pulls down all the code required to build and install Grape juice. The following terminal command will copy the files to your Chromebook. This process should take only a few seconds.

Now it is time to install Grape juice. We first need to navigate to the Grapejuice folder. Next, we will execute the installation script. You can do this by using each of the following commands in your Linux terminal. After it’s finished, you will see the Grape juice icon in your Chrome OS App Launcher.

Roblox will be required for the first time Grape juice is run. Open Grape juice, and click on the Maintenance tab. After it finishes, click “install Roblox”. You can then move to the Launcher tab to launch Roblox Studio. This method is possible and it works. It’s also feasible for those with a Core i5 or other great devices that have at least 8GB RAM. Roblox Studio can sometimes be glitchy and not as seamless as it is on a macOS or Windows device.

This is because it uses a Windows compatibility layer in order to “emulate” the Windows framework to run a Windows application. This is not going to work as smoothly as running natively on a machine. If you plan on serious Roblox game development, I recommend getting a different device than a Chromebook. Although it hurts me to admit it, Roblox Studio will not officially launch on Linux until then.