Islamic Prophet Warned About ISIS Terrorists, Muslim Extremism

From Saudi Arabia

taking military action in Yemen to the Islamic State terrorist group killing people en masse in Iraq and Syria, these current-day developments of Muslims fighting against other Muslims should be viewed as a disgrace but not as a surprise. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, had warned 1,400 years ago that murders would become highly common throughout the Earth and that Muslims in Iraq would learn the Quran and then stray far against Islamic teachings.

The global chaos that plagues the Middle East and threatens the lands of America, Europe, and Australia is something that the Prophet of Islam had guaranteed would occur. While his statements indicate that Muslims, Christians, Jews, and people of other faith traditions would all play a part in the rise of violence, the Prophet of Islam had made clearly worded remarks that Muslims would definitely be at the forefront of the disorder we see today.

As human beings, we do not know what is inside another person’s heart, but we do know evil when we see it, because we have been blessed with the innate ability to discern right from wrong.

The violence that we see in the world, the widespread killings, all of that is a grave transgression that no one likes but that no one can stop. Violence begets more violence, and fighting fuels distrust. Everyone claims to be on the so-called Straight Path, but most of the people clearly do not take the truth into account when making sweeping judgments about others. As such, injustice flourishes and people become more full of hatred and rage.

Leaving Islam does not necessarily mean a Muslim embraces another religion or becomes an atheist. A Muslim can leave Islam simply by doing acts of evil, such as murder, rape, and theft. Allah in the Quran advises Muslims to die not except in the state of Islam, which is to say that Muslims should always conduct themselves as doers of good. We do not know when and where we will die, but we know death is inevitable, so when death comes calling for us, we would be wise to be upstanding human beings when that time comes.

Allah is the Arabic word for God, and Muslims believe in an eternal afterlife in which Allah will judge people according to the good and the bad deeds they have done from the cradle to the grave. In an authentic statement, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, had said the first person who will be thrown into the fire of Hell will be a jihadi Muslim who died on the battlefield.

That Muslim will claim he died as a martyr on a jihad mission for the sake of Allah.

Allah will call that Muslim a liar and tell that Muslim that he only did battle in the name of Allah so that people would call him a brave man. Indeed, when that jihadi Muslim died, his allies had indeed bragged about how their comrade was a brave man who died in Allah’s cause.

The fighters in the Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL terrorist group have declared a jihad, thinking it will guarantee them Paradise. The truth of the matter is that those fighters are on shaky ground, and I fear they are running straight to the fire of Hell faster than a bull charges at a matador waving a red cape.

In Islam, it is required for Muslims to express appreciation for Prophet Muhammad, so we call upon Allah to honor him and grant him peace.

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, had many enemies in his lifetime who harassed him and insulted him with the worst type of name-calling imaginable. The Prophet of Islam had practiced patience and ultimately had forgiven his enemies once he was drawn into an armed conflict that ended with him conquering Mecca.

Fast forward 1,400 years later, and we see that a faction of modern-day Muslims throw patience out of the window and immediately resort to unjustified tactics that involve killing and maiming when people mock the Prophet of Islam in the 21st century.

The problem is not Islam. Islam is the religion of patience and good conduct. The problem is there are Muslims who do things that go against the Quran, Islam’s holy book, and against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. In terms of the wider problems in the Middle East concerning the Muslim-fueled bloodshed over there, the Prophet of Islam had said that some of the people in his ummah Muslim community would kill one another or imprison one another in large numbers.