YouTube: What Is It?

YouTube is a video sharing site where users can upload, watch, comment, and share their videos.You can access the video service on your PC, tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

What are the main functions of YouTube?

  • You can search for videos and view them.
  • Make your own YouTube channel
  • Upload videos to your channel
  • Share, Like, Comment and Subscribe to Other YouTube Videos
  • Subscribe to/follow other YouTube channels or users
  • To organize and group videos together, create playlists
  • Boost your subscribers

Why do teens like YouTube?

YouTube is a free service that you can use.YouTube can be a great place for teens to find things they enjoy. YouTube is a popular place for young people to find comedy videos, music videos, and how-to guides. Teens can also subscribe to YouTubers they like and follow their favorite vloggers (video bloggers).

Age restrictions

YouTube users must be at least 13 years old to set up an account.Update: Ireland has increased the Digital Age of Consent from 16 to 16 years under the E.U General Data Protection Regulation. This means that young people in Ireland under 16 years old are not permitted to access the platform.

To view or access videos and the website, users don’t need to log-in. YouTube Kids is now free to download. YouTube kids is for children 3-8 years of age. It makes it easier for parents and children to find the content they want. Click here for more info the YouTube Kids app.

What are the risks?

YouTube is an excellent place to learn, discover and have fun. However, parents and teens need to be aware of some things when using the site.

Inappropriate Content

YouTube is home to over a billion people. However, YouTube uploads 300 hours per minute of footage that may not be appropriate for children.

You can reduce the chance that your child will encounter inappropriate content. YouTube can be used to flag inappropriate content if it is discovered by you or your child. For more info on flagging inappropriate content go to:


People can be subject to bullying and negative comments on YouTube, especially through the comments function. YouTube users can also comment on videos of other users. If your child has a YouTube channel/profile it might be a good idea to recommend they disable comments on their own profile/channel. You can do this easily through settings. This helps to minimize the risk of receiving negative comments. You can report and block YouTube users that harass your child.

Tips to Keep Your Child Safe on YouTube

1. 1.Managing privacy settings

YouTube automatically sets the default setting for public videos when a user uploads them to YouTube.This means that anyone can view the video. You should discuss with your child the best settings to use when your child uploads footage to YouTube. You can switch between private and unlisted videos. These are published on YouTube, but cannot be found without the direct link.

You can also invite people to view your videos using Google Circles. To share private videos with others, you will need to link your YouTube channel to Google+. Click here for info on how to connect a YouTube channel to a Google+ profile.

2. 2. Set up parental controls

YouTube should be restricted in age and set parental controls. See how to set up parental controls.

3. Disable comments on YouTube

YouTube makes it possible to remove comments from videos. Users also have the option to approve every comment before it is published. This can help to avoid cyberbullying. See how to disable comments.

4. Use safety mode

YouTube is aSafety modeThis setting allows users to block mature content. This setting is “opt-in”, meaning that it will not take effect until it’s turned on. This setting filters search results to eliminate videos with mature content and videos that are age-restricted. It will therefore not appear in video searches, related videos playlists, playlists, shows, or movie sections. Although no filtering system can be 100% accurate, we recommend that parents with young children enable this feature.

Useful Links

YouTube Family Link lets you control YouTube Kids settings, including the content setting for your child and the search function. Find out more here:

YouTube will launch in 2021Supervised Experiences on YouTube.This feature allows parents to give their child supervised access to YouTube Kids. Parents will be able to select from three different YouTube content settings by creating a Supervised Google Account.

ExploreThis setting is for children who are ready to leave YouTube Kids and explore YouTube content. It will include vlogs and tutorials, games videos, music clips and news.

Learn MoreThis setting will have content that is suitable for viewers aged 13+. It will also include a larger number of videos and live streams in the same categories like “Explore.”

The majority of YouTube:This setting will include almost all YouTube videos, with the exception of age-restricted material. It also includes sensitive topics that are only appropriate for older teens.